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Do you want to become an IOS Developer?

Currently, mobile platforms are being used to speed up the data exchange and fast operations, which in result speeds up the interaction between people.

If you are thinking about developing mobile applications which will be in line with the requirements of the time, and you want to develop a mobile application for iOS, then you are in the right place.

Let me tell you that the iOS platform is not limited. If you have a question about what type of Apple devices iOS Developer can make applications for, the list is below.

   • iPhone & iPad
   • Apple iWatch
   • Apple tvOs

iOS is an operating system which is running on all devices mentioned above. Because of that, you can share the code when building Apps for multiple devices.

Apple's IDE is the XCode, and it’s "Programming Languages" are Objective-C and Swift.

While Objective-C is confusing with its own code syntax, it has the capability to perform the fastest operations after being compiled.

Swift is a professional programming language which is good to quickly compile, easy to read, and gives the ability to write every code in many ways. Whenever we use "Swift" in the code "Objective-C" language is being used in the background.

Many iOS Developers currently work with Storyboard, and as the number of storyboards increases, the number of challenges they face increases also. To become a professional iOS Developer, you must be able to code programmatically. It means that you need to code for design and background simultaneously. In such a case, there is no Storyboard. The system and the process are being run very fast, and you are pleased with your work. Programmatic coding creates a safe and "Hard Code" system, and allows you to leave the structure of the code uncomplicated.  Our main goal is safe and accurate coding.

Training plan

Duration - 5 month / training hours in a month - 16 hours (8 lessons)

PlayGround Phase , iOS Applications

Xcode IDE & Swift introduction

Variables & Constants & Print method


if else & if let methods

Standard cycles (For method)

Function – Function types and operations

Dictionary & Map methods

Guard and Guard Let methods

Storyboard introduction, the leverage of Programmatically coding

Components and their programmatic creation

HUMAN interface and Apple design

View & Frames

Auto Layout Constraint (Programmatically)

Class methods

NSObjects & Moduls

Practical use of the learned items in small project

UINavigation Controller

UIAlertMessage & UIActionSheet

Information exchanges among Classes

Controller transitions forms

UITableView & UITableViewCell

UICollectionView & UICollectionViewCell






Local Notification


Rest API & Request


About Threads

Last month of the course we will learn how to create an application from zero and upload it to AppStore. Practical Classes.

Price per a person in a group (4-8)

349/per Month

Price for a group of 1-3


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