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Creating both BackEnd and FrontEnd infrastructure using only one programming language ?

Yes, this is possible with Javascript! Javascript is one of the most required programming languages. 80 % of developers and 95 % of web sites use this technology.

What is javascript?

It is one of the most popular and advanced web technologies. In the old days being a Javascript developer meant being a FrontEnd developer but with the rise of nodeJs JavaScript developer today, can target more platforms than any other high level language.

In this course as a starter you will learn fundamentals of javascript along with html/css/bootstrap. As well you will learn how to perform complicated Javascript operations in little code with jquery library and send asynchronous requests with AJAX technology.

In the next step you will learn ReactJs framework which is highly used technology in facebook. You will also learn ExpressJs web framework and MongoDb database.

Last but no least you will learn all concepts by working on projects proposed by you or assigned by mentor and manage all code versions with Git version control system.

Training plan

Duration - 6 month / training hours in a month - 16 hours (8 lessons)

Price per a person in a group (4-8)

299/per Month

Price for a group of 1-3


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