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For the first time in Azerbaijan - Reverse Engineering training!

For the first time in Azerbaijan - Reverse Engineering training! Anyone is able to become an engineer, write a code, and compile it. But what about debugging and analyze mixed-codes with written, compiled, and fuzzing methods?! CYBERO has started pieces of training on Reverse Engineering for the first time in Azerbaijan for security experts. The training will consist of utilization of tools that are essential for reverse engineering, local and remote debugging during the debugging and fuzzing, preparation of the IDA scripts in fuzzing and debugging process, analyzation of the static code etc... All the topics of Reverse Engineering will be taught based on CTFs. Those who are eager to participate in the Reverse Engineering training must have at least medium knowledge of C / C ++ family programming languages to understand and work with exploits and so on.

Training plan

Duration - 7 month / training hours in a month - 18 hours (12 lessons)

Security Development Lifecycle

IDA surfing

IDA Python və IDA scripting

IDA pluginləri

IDA ilə Local application debugging

IDA ilə Remote application debugging

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)

Extend information Assembler and Architecture

Basics of Syscall, kernel, kernel mode, user mode

Initial information about Syscall, kernel and User Mode, and KernelStack and Heap Total Memory Management (Paging, Segmentation, LDT, GDT)

Stack and Heap overflow, vulnerability techniques like Use after free

Format string exploitation

Analysis of Linux exploit protection mechanisms (Stack canary, PIE, NX, etc.) and bypass mechanisms

Linux application exploitation via IDA and GDB

ASLR bypass mechanism using Format string bugs

Shellcode, ret2lib, and ROP (Return Oriented Programming) mechanisms

Integer overflow exploitation Making fusing syscall file format for a realization.

Realizasiya üçün file format, syscall fuzzing edilməsi

Preliminary data about LFH (Low fragmentation heap) and LBA (Large blocks allocation).

Browser-based and client-side exploitation

Heap spraying


NULL pointer dereference

Integer overflow

ROP (Return Oriented Programming) bypass mechanisms

SEH (Structured Exception Handler)


Pool overflow

Win32 based shellcode preparation (Encoding and obfuscation)

Bypass techniques of ASLR, DEP and other exploit protection mechanisms

Price per a person in a group (4-8)

499/per Month

Price for a group of 1-3


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